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#9 Advocacy

#9-1: Conversation with Mark Del Monte, CEO/Executive Vice President (Interim) of the American Academy of Pediatrics

#9-2: Continuation of Conversation with Mark Del Monte

#9-3: What Utah Pediatric Advocates are Up To

#9-4: Conversation with Representative Ben McAdams

#8 Pediatric Palliative Care

#8-1: Palliative, hospice and concurrent care

#8-2: Indications of a POLST

#8-3: Primary palliative care skills

#8-4: Interactive Q&A

Bonus: Angelo’s Book Club

#7-5 Launch of Angelo’s Book Club

#7 Pediatric Endocrinology: Growth Disorders

#7-1: Projecting Normal Growth

#7-2: Recognizing Pathological Growth Patterns

#7-3: Choosing the Right Workup for Deviation from Normal Growth Pattern

#7-4: Interactive Q&A

#6 Pediatric Dermatitis: Updates on Atopic Dermatitis and Infantile Hemangiomas 

#6-1: Eczema Action Plans

#6-2: Managment of Atoipic Dermatitis

#6-3: Infantile Hemangiomas

#6-4: Interactive Q&A

#5 Minor Head Trauma: When to Scan and When to Observe

#5-1: Care Process Models

#5-2: Indications for a CT

#5-3:  Physical Exam Findings

#5-4: Interactive Q&A

#4 Radiology Stewardship: Improving Imaging Utilization

#4-1: Purpose of Radiology Stewardship

#4-2: Care Process Models

#4-3: Decreasing Unnecessary Imaging and Cost of Care

#4-4: Interactive Q&A

#3 Migraines: Care and Treatment in Pediatric Patients

#3-1: Care and Treatment

#3-2: Diagnostic Pitfalls & Differential Diagnosis

#3-3: Treatment Including Prevention

#3-4: Interactive Q&A

#2 Bronchiolitis: 2019 RSV Update

#2-1: Bronchiolitis Literature Review

#2-2: Stewardship in Bronchiolitis

#2-3: Hot Topics in Bronchiolitis

#2-4: Interactive Q&A


Questions can be submitted for including in the topic-culminating Q&A session during the month of original broadcast.  Credit is typically available up to three years after a topic initially airs, but make sure you log in to verify the current accreditation and/or eligibility details for any particular topic you wish to pursue for credit.

Listen, Engage, & Improve

Virtual Curbside is a podcast series produced by the Utah Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics designed to connect pediatricians and subspecialists from across the state.  Weekly 15-minute episodes provide the grand rounds experience no matter where you are.  We present one topic per month via three lectures and an interactive Q&A episode that allows you to engage in pediatric topics that matter.

CME and MOC credit offerings associated with Virtual Curbside podcasts are FREE for current UTAAP members.  If you are a Utah pediatrician and aren’t yet a member, you should consider joining the Utah Chapter of the AAP today.  The typical non-member fee is $39 per credit hour.




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