#4 Radiology Stewardship: Improving Imaging Utilization

Guest: Jeff Prince, MD

April 2019



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Show Notes


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Learning Objectives

After listening to these episodes listeners will…

  • Understand the purpose of radiology stewardship and how it can improve imaging utilization
  • Follow care process models presented as part of radiology stewardship
  • Decrease unnessary imaging and thereby decrease cost of care

Time Stamps Episode 4-1

3:15 Introduction of Jeff Prince
4:48 Radiology Stewardship
9:22 How did this project get started? From CT to ultrasound.
11:47 Pediatric appendicitis score
13:47 Care process models/protocol for other imaging
15:30 What was learned from project?
16:55 Needed expertise and collaboration
19:18 Episode 1 final thoughts
20:17 Outro

Time Stamps Episode 4-2

1:59 Protocols for common conditions
4:47 Hip dysplasia
7:18 Spine ultrasound
8:47 Findings
10:09 When to image
12:33 Collaboration
16:44 Breech recommendations
18:56 Outro

Time Stamps Episode 4-3

0:00 Intro
2:06 Prenatal hydronephrosis
12:08 Collaboration
12:57 Other study recommendations
17:55 Outro

Time Stamps Episode 4-4

1:20 Re-imaging hip dysplasia later
2:18 Collaboration with care process model
3:26 Away from Wasatch Front – how do I know if my radiology department is using the correct dose? And how do I evaluate quality?
5:55 Tech support
6:39 What is next?
9:53 Outro


Written and Hosted by: Paul Wirkus, MD, FAAP
Administrator/Producer/Photographer: Alisa Stoddard, UTAAP Executive Director
Audio Engineer: Phil Wirkus
Music by: Phil Wirkus
Guest: Jeff Prince, MD

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