#9 Advocacy

Guest: Mark Del Monte, JD 

Guests: Tom Metcalf, MD, FAAP and Bill Cosgrove, MD, FAAP

Guest: Rep. Ben McAdams, Utah’s 4th Congressional District (D)


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Time Stamps Episode 9-1

5:38 Lobbying efforts at AAP
7:03 Strategic priorities of AAP

Time Stamps Episode 9-2

1:04 How can individuals advocate?
7:55 Does it matter if we contact politicians?
9:43 How can pediatricians get the word out to the public?
11:43 Sphere of influence, credible voices
13:42 Where do you want to apply your time, talent and energy?

Time Stamps Episode 9-3

5:38 Voice for vaccines and car seats
10:16 Dealing with discouragement in advocacy work
12:55 Advocacy principles

  1. Pick one issue
  2. Allies
  3. Be the expert
  4. Knowledge
  5. Passionate/persuasive/persistent/patient
  6. Honor all people
  7. Hang in there

17:34 What one thing would you change?

 You can reach the American Academy of Pediatrics, Utah Chapter at 801.968.3411

Time Stamps Episode 9-4

4:05 How do you decide what to support and sponsor?
5:30 How gather information about a bill?
9:45 Do you rely on experts?
10:46 Best way to reach Ben McAdams
19:01 Role of lobbyists
23:09 How do you leverage expertise?
26:23 How to present opposing views
31:38 What one thing would you change?


Written and Hosted by: Paul Wirkus, MD, FAAP
Administrator/Producer/Photographer: Alisa Stoddard, UTAAP Executive Director
Audio Engineer: Phil Wirkus
Music by: Phil Wirkus
Guest: Mark Del Monte, JD, Tom Metcalf, MD, FAAP, Bill Cosgrove, MD, FAAP, Rep. Ben McAdams

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