#7 Pediatric Endocrinology: Growth Disorders

Guest: Mike Swinyard, MD, FAAP

July 2019



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Show Notes


Dr. Swinyard has disclosed that he serves as a member of the Speakers Bureau for NovoNordisk and Abbvie. All others in control of content for this Podcast do not have any financial relationship(s) to disclose.


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Time Stamps Episode 7-1

1:55 Growth
9:59 Concerning growth patterns
14:39 Helpful labs
17:35 Which kids should see an endocrinologist?
10:08 Who needs growth hormone
21:15 Suggested workups

Time Stamps Episode 7-2

2:08 Stages of puberty
8:25 Is puberty happening earlier?
10:33 Who needs a workup?
14:55 Lab & bone age test
17:10 Precocious puberty
18:11 Late puberty
21:13 Endocrinologist or Gynecologist
22:09 Recommendations from an Endocrinologist

Time Stamps Episode 7-3

1:45 Malnutrition
2:42 Renal Disease
5:00 Achorondroplastic Dwarfism
6:02 Marfan syndrome
6:34 Turner syndrome
8:59 Noonan syndrome
10:35 When to call a geneticist
11:31 Prader Willi syndrome
12:20 Obesity

Time Stamps Episode 7-4

1:15 What constitutes abnormal growth?
5:16 What should happen before a referral?
6:46 Prepubertal body odor or hair growth
8:52 “Wrong” puberty for transgender youth


Written and Hosted by: Paul Wirkus, MD, FAAP
Administrator/Producer/Photographer: Alisa Stoddard, UTAAP Executive Director
Audio Engineer: Phil Wirkus
Music by: Phil Wirkus
Guest: Mike Swinyard, MD, FAAP