#5 Minor Head Trauma: When to Scan and When to Observe

Guest: Jeff Schunk, MD, FAAP

May 2019



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Show Notes


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Learning Objectives

After listening to these episodes listeners will…

  • The participant will recite recognize the limitations of medical education based on conditions rather than symptoms.

  •  The participant will outline indications for a CT scan in pediatric head trauma and when observation is safe.

  •  The participant will recognize the importance of assessing for specific physical exam findings (e.g. basilar skull fracture, scalp hematoma) in the evaluation of the head injured child.

Time Stamps Episode 5-1

2:49 Care Process Models
10:15 Evaluation of head injury and use of CT scan
15:39 PECARN Study
18:15 Outro

Time Stamps Episode 5-2

00:00 Introduction
1:43 PECARN Study
4:35 Mechanism of Injury, risk groups
9:39 Historical elements
12:34 Physical findings, location, size, age
17:18 Summary
24:51 Outro

Time Stamps Episode 5-3

1:45 Case studies
11:50 Intermountain Head Trauma CPM
13:23 2018 CDC Head Injury Guidelines
14:33 Other criteria
18:42 Outro

Time Stamps Episode 5-4

1:32 Ibuprofen after injury
2:44 Whiplash
4:30 Seizure and breath holding episodes
9:03 Vomiting
10:58 Balancing imaging, cost and satisfaction


Written and Hosted by: Paul Wirkus, MD, FAAP
Administrator/Producer/Photographer: Alisa Stoddard, UTAAP Executive Director
Audio Engineer: Phil Wirkus
Music by: Phil Wirkus
Guest: Jeff Schunk, MD, FAAP

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