#3 Migraines: Care and Treatment in Pediatric Patients

Guest: Denise Morita, MD

March 2019



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Show Notes


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Learning Objectives

After listening to these episodes listeners will…

  • make appropriate and evidence-based treatment recommendations for the management of migraines in children and adolescents.
  • have a strategy to address headaches that are not responding to first-line treatments.

Time Stamps Episode 3-1

00:00 Introduction
04:27 Diagnosis work up of migraine
06:14 Aura symptoms
09:38 Age Range
10:46 Importance of family history
11:40 Physical exam
13:01 Who needs to be imaged?
17:14 Summary
18:04 Outro

Time Stamps Episode 3-2

00:00 Introduction
01:15 Differential diagnosis and what not to miss
03:45 Chiari malformation
04:43 Low pressure headaches
05:20 Pseudo tumor and thrombosis
07:55 Cluster headaches
08:58 Ice pick headaches
09:50 Missed opportunities
11:55 Summary
13:07 Outro

Time Stamps Episode 3-3

0:00 Intro
1:00 Treatment
1:23 Best way to make migraine stop
3:58 Headaches that don’t go away
4:29 Who should get Triptans
5:54 Prevention
9:08 Natural medications
11:10 Preventative use side effects
12:00 Medical Marijuana
12:11 Summary
13:44 Outro

Time Stamps Episode 3-4

0:00 Intro
0:45 Q & A
1:40 Non pharmacologic therapies
3:08 Alternative therapies: essential oils, acupuncture
4:07 Migraines that just won’t stop
6:02 Role of Ketorolac
7:52 Role of narcotics
8:54 Wrap up
9:45 Outro

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Audio Engineer: Phil Wirkus
Music by: Phil Wirkus
Guest: Denise Morita, MD, FAAP

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