#6 Pediatric Dermatitis: Updates on Atopic Dermatitis

Guest: Kate Püttgen, MD

June 2019



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Show Notes


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Learning Objectives

After listening to these episodes listeners will…

  • Formulate an eczema action plan with families to treat mild to moderate atopic dermatitis
  • Recognize the updated understanding of infantile hemangioma natural history and how it informs treatment options
  • Diagnose and start a treatment plan for hidradenitis suppurativa in adolescent patients

Time Stamps Episode 6-1

2:16 Atopic Dermatitis
6:21 Lifestyle implications
7:35 Outgrow?
9:14 Prevention for infants
11:25 How helpful is allergy testing?
14:15 Factors for older kids
15:15 Roll of stress
16:18 Differential diagnosis
20:33 Rashes we don’t want to miss

Time Stamps Episode 6-2

00:00 Introduction
1:29 Standardized approach to severity scale
5:26 Bathing recommendations
7:40 Moisturizing
9:05 Itching
10:43 Steroids
14:33 Beyond steroids
17:50 Infections
22:20 Flares
23:45 When to refer

Time Stamps Episode 6-3

1:10 Infantile Hemangiomas
4:20 Focal Hemangioma
7:58 Size criteria
9:09 Other hemangioma and syndromes
12:00 Beta blocker therapies
16:16 Operative and Laser therapy
17:13 Painful?
19:35 Pearls

Time Stamps Episode 6-4

1:23 Mixing steroid into ointment
4:38 Wet wrap therapy
6:38 Eyelid eczema
8:48 Perioral dermatitis
11:27 Neck fold dermatitis


Written and Hosted by: Paul Wirkus, MD, FAAP
Administrator/Producer/Photographer: Alisa Stoddard, UTAAP Executive Director
Audio Engineer: Phil Wirkus
Music by: Phil Wirkus
Guest: Kate Püttgen, MD

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